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Kevin Grant responds to local resident's email questions

Grants Response to Email, April 4, 2014 

Dear Mr. Grant,

I am a Republican in Indiana District 4 and I had some questions on your positions.

I would like to Thank you for sending me these questions:

1. I appreciate your positions on reducing the debt. While I share your positions I am wondering how you would handle yourself in a congress like we have today. Would you be willing to compromise to make some progress or are you like many of the current republicans who appear to only have to the goal to make the Democrats look bad? I assume you are against higher taxes for anyone but is that something you would compromise on to make progress on the debt? I personally would prefer not to have my taxes rise but I also feel strongly that we must reduce our debt.

Great Question!  I am not in the business of making anyone (or group) look bad.  I treat others as I would like to be treated. As with any situation or issue, there must be some kind of compromise.  I feel that productive negotiations are critical in solving issues.  So I will search out "like-minded" people from both sides of the isle to start solving some of our issues in Washington.
With reference to our National Debt, it is important that we have a balanced budget.  We need to cut "fat type" programs out of the system.  I am not willing to raise taxes on anyone.  For example, I am not going to punish a business owner by raising their taxes.  That business owner has worked very hard and has taken numerous risks to get were they are today.  In fact, small businesses are where most of our job growth comes from.  

2. Do you believe it is important to focus on our financial issues and put social issues on the back burner?

Answer:  Please send me another note referencing the social issues...which ones specifically are you concerned about. 

3. I am happy to see that you have a common sense approach to the Affordable Care Act. Unlike many Republicans I have always believed that there are good parts to the law as well as some very bad parts. I also believe what we had before was horrible. Do you have any specific ideas to make it better?


Unfortunately, I am not a medical expert or pretend to be one.  Serving as financial consultant for over 14 years and currently getting my MBA from Krannert School of Management, I always study the numbers.  The numbers must be accurate and make sense.  Once in office, I will have staff to assist me in getting information about the Affordable Health Care Act...Once that I analyze the numbers, I can make an educated recommendation.     

4. I am impressed to see your position on immigration. I lived in Tucson for a few years and saw 1st hand how poorly our current policies are working. If elected do you see anyway that immigration reform could actually happen with the current leadership blocking it?

With reference to immigration...
Our country is a melting pot of people from all over the world.  I have traveled all over the world and experienced how people survive in third world is very sad to see!   
I am not sure of the real number, but we have hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens in our country performing jobs that no one else wants to do.  Here is my take on it: we create a path to citizenship, give them a social security number, and let them pay taxes just like anyone else.Furthermore, I would improve upon the laws that would punish businesses who knowingly hire illegal aliens in order to improve their bottom line...these types of businesses are taking advantage of this situation and it must be stopped immediately.  

Again, I would work with "like minded" people (democrat or republican) in order to accomplish this serious issue.

That's all for now, please let me know if you have other questions or comments.

Thanks for being a concerned citizen!
Kevin Grant 

Committee to Elect Kevin J. Grant
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