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How Kevin Grant & Todd Rokita differ on the Issues

Kevin Grant is quite different from your average politican, specifically as it relates to the issues.  Here is how Kevin Grant and Todd Rokita differ on some of the issues:

Keep God in the Public Sphere:  Todd Rokita has no opinion on this matter and therefore is neutral on the topic of keeping God in the Public Sphere.  On the other hand, Kevin Grant makes this his top priority..."God belongs in the Public Sphere".

Expand the U.S. Military:  As a decorated combat veteran with several deployments under his belt, Kevin Grant believes that we must maintain a strong military.  This doesn't mean we need to police the entire means that we will always be able to protect our interests at any point in time.  Todd Rokita doesn't have an opinion on this matter, in fact, he maintains a neutral stance on this issue.  Having this type of stance shows how weak or not experienced an individual is. This isn't the kind of leadership we need in Washington, D.C.

Limits on Campaign Funds: Limits on Campaign funds has always been a sore subject for career politicians.  They want to raise as much money in order to defeat their opponent.  Kevin Grant strongly favors limits on Campaign Funds while Todd Rokita doestn't have an opinion on the issue.

Todd Rokita's opinions/stances can be found at:

The above issues are just a few areas were Kevin Grant and Todd Rokita differ.  Other issues will be brought up in the months ahead.

As always, if you would like to speak with Kevin Grant about the issues, please call 765-250-3166 or email:

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